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Brandon Hawkins

Soul Palette

Soul Palette creates mobile, virtual and customizable paint party experiences to celebrate any occasion. We also provide private or group lessons for those wanting to hone their fine art skills. Lastly, we create small or large scale murals to help beautify and enhance spaces.


Dr. Ron Jackson

Legacy Genius

Legacy Genius was launched in 2014. It is a trivia game company committed to helping people discover and celebrate multiple cultural legacies. We have spent years developing and testing our trivia games among consumers and educators. In spring 2018 we launched our first set of trivia game cards. We began with a set of trivia cards related to African Americans. In 2019-2020 elementary schools, high schools, and after school programs began adopting them as a supplement to the curriculum. We have cultivated partnerships with Museums, bookstores, and local retail stores. We now have four games: the original trivia game, the Black History Trivia Showdown Trailblazers edition, the Prince Hall Mason Trivia game, and the Black Fraternity and Sorority Trivia game.


Montez Sorrells

The Pounce Coach

Pounce exists to empower and inspire individuals to pursue purpose and their dreams from an aggressive and passionate approach. The message of Pounce is spread through public speaking , workshops and other sponsored events that stimulate ambition, intention and initiative. In addition to the speaking component, we have also launched apparel that heralds and promotes ambition, and intentionality. Pounce Clothing Co. is a quality product contrived from premium thought and concepts. From Crewnecks to Graphic Tees, you are sure to Pounce Daily and Win More.

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