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Deasa Dorsey

Deasa Dorsey

iCan Health LLC

Deasa Dorsey, RN, BSN, Community Educator and Patient Advocate, is the Founder of iCan Health LLC, an organization built to remind you, YOU CAN, and empower you to reach your optimal state of health. Deasa is also the author of the iCan Manual: My Simple Manual for Living with Diabetes. She has worked in various health care institutions and organizations across the country but has always maintained a presence in the community. Deasa has received honors such as the Onyx and Ruby Rising Star Award, Who's Who in Black Cincinnati Emerging Leaders Award, The Cincinnati Herald's BRIGHT Award, and the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing 125 Alumni Legacy Award. Deasa is a co-host and curator of what is known as Health Table Talks which are virtual sessions with the purpose of providing relevant health information in a relaxed, discussionary setting to educate and empower their listeners. Deasa has been and continues to be involved in many community projects and endeavors wherever she goes with one solid goal: to leave the world a little better than she found it in all the spaces she’s in. She is inspired by Ancestor Maya Angelou’s quote: “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it”.

Ewaniki Hawkins

Ewaniki Hawkins

Soul Palette

We are Brandon & Ewaniki Hawkins, husband & wife team married not only in love, but also in our passion for mentoring and legacy building. Between us, we have over 18 years of mastery in art, events management and education.

We launched in January 2016 and have been bringing our unique brand of art appreciation into private and public spaces ever since

Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins is the Co-Owner & Chief Detail Officer of Soul Palette with more than 20 years in events, education &  management. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a Master of Business Administration and majored in Marketing and Entrepreneurship in her undergraduate years. She handles the client booking, talent management and ensures that all details are efficiently executed. Ewaniki also formerly served as the Director of the African American Cultural & Resource Center at the University of Cincinnati and Operations Manager of The Abercrumbie Group. She is ultimately passionate about helping others identify their purpose and reach their highest potential.

Picture of Havilah

Havilah Asher 

Boujee Bar Skincare

Hi, I’m Havilah. I’m the owner of Boujee Bar Skincare, a plant-based skin care company specializing in soaps and body care. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was a kid. I grew up all over the city, and it’s made me an adaptable person. I knew one day I would get back to doing something more creative. I just didn’t know what. I knew an education would be a good start. I’m a University of Cincinnati graduate from the Lindner College of Business where I received my bachelor’s in business administration and marketing. My journey into body care began about three years ago. At the time, I worked for a brokerage firm and was coming home often stressed. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. On top of it all, I have sensitive skin and the stress didn’t help. I started dabbling into essential oils and soaping for both relief and enjoyment. It all grew from there. All the research led to wanting to understand more about natural plant-based ingredients to help myself. It changed my perspective on skin, and crafting became a self-care journey. It redefined my self-love. The more care and awareness I brought to my body; the more love I grew. I noticed certain ingredients not only made an impact on my skin but also my state of mind. It brought so much joy that I decided to share soaps with those close to me. The response from my family and friends were so supportive, and it gave me a sign to start a business. Boujee Bar Skincare was born. The name comes from my love for people to happily indulge in beautiful, clean and safe ingredients.

It started with Saturday deliveries and shortly after launched an online store in 2020. Unfortunately, it was a month before the pandemic. I lost my job, and it became opportunity. Overall, it’s been rewarding and challenging. I had to overcome a few hurdles. The first year was all new, navigating and learning all aspects of the business. As a first-time entrepreneur, launching a business during a pandemic was more of a mental hurdle. Opening the online store made it easier, more accessible and physical restrictions I could get around. As a small business owner, you are doing a lot of work so planning months ahead has helped so much.

I have become a big advocate for selfcare, body cleansing and natural plant-based ingredients. Soap has become a part of skincare, especially for those with sensitive skin. Also, I’ve learned self-love will always begin with the body first. When we feel our mental health declining our bodies tend to be the first thing we neglect. Life gets busy for everyone. I want my company to be a reminder to change that thought process. Instead, we should act more towards self-care with the body being the center focus. An act from a place of love instead of a need to feel deserving. We don’t ‘deserve’ because self-love is ours to begin with. I try to make the items safe and beautiful in every sense so people can receive that notion. The company Ingredients are 100% all natural and handpicked essential herbs. Botanicals and natural powders are used for décor and color. Raw natural shea butter is a key ingredient. Its ability to lock, seal, and protect the skin is unmatched. It’s sourced from West Africa where the grade is dense making it perfect for moisturization. Ingredients include jojoba, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut and hand planted herbs. Soaps can take up to 4-6 weeks to make in order to get a pure bar.

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