AABMS Committees

Professional Development/Networking

This committee is focused on developing the professional skills andcreating a network for AABMS across University of Cincinnati.Through organized activities and planned events this committeewill develop a variety professional skills to help members toincrease opportunities for promotion and will also allow membersto network with a wide range of administrators, faculty and staffthroughout the university. PDN will also focus on the professionalskill development and networking channels for Af. Am./Black malestudents in preparation for professional careers.


This committee organizes events for the University community that addresses the issues, needs and interests of AABMS here at University of Cincinnati. Each event will be related to the AABMS mission, the University of Cincinnati mission and will enhance the experience of AABMS, the University community and the Af. Am. Black Male student here at UC.


This committee is responsible for assuring that all events, information and updates for the AABMS are shared to the group members through various forms of communication including, but not limited social media, email, flyers and any other promotional material. The committee will also make sure that all events held by AABMS members (outside of group sponsored events) will be shared with the entire group as well. The committee will also be committed to creating communication opportunities with Af. Am./Black male students regarding critical issues.


This committee is responsible for the maintenance of and adherence to the organization’s Bylaws. This committee is also responsible for providing the necessary communication to the membership pertaining to the Bylaws including but limited to proposed amendments.


This committee manages and develops digital solutions that address the needs and interests of AABMS. This includes, but is not limited to, updates to the list serve, website development, content management, and social media releases in collaboration with the Communications Committee. This committee will work in coordination with Programming, Communications, and Secretary committees to help facilitate their need for the AABMS Organization.


By actively recruiting and engaging the University’s black male staff base, this committee will aim to attract and retain new members to help advance the mission and vision of AABMS. Duties for this committee include, but are not limited to, welcoming new staff members, assisting with outreach to encourage members to attend monthly general body meetings, promoting volunteerism, and occasionally conducting surveys and questionnaires