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3rd Annual UC Black Male Summit Evaluation

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Keynote Speaker

Charles Winburn

Lesson in leadership

Dr. Jeff Menzise – Unmasking Toxic Masculinity: Navigating Sex, Love, and Relationships for Black Men
Devoe Sherman – Giving Black Men the Tools They Need for Growth and Success
Dr. Anthony J. Stone Jr. – Reclaiming Our Narrative: Reframing and Revolutionizing Black Masculinity and Manhood
Steven H. Jones – Maintaining Balance in Life while you Chase the Bag


DeAndre Carter – Demand Greatness: Personal Growth and Professional Success for Black Men
Dr. Steven Kniffley – Black Males and Racial Trauma: Healing from Within
Carlton R. Collins – Open Rebellion: A Plan to Control Biases and Dictate Outcomes
Lessons in Leadership Panelists - Phillip Holloman, Chuck Sessions, Jeremiah Kirkland, Brad Mallory