Past Events

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2009 - 2010

Thursday, October 22
Speaker: Gavin Martin
Title: The Revolution in Modern Geometry
Location: 527 Old Chemistry Building

Thursday, October 22
Speaker: Finn Erling Kyland
Title: Policy Consistency and Economic Growth
Location: Zimmer Auditorium

Friday, October 23   
Speaker: Gavin Martin
Title: PDEs, Conformal Geometry, and the Hilbert Smith Conjecture
Location: 527 Old Chemistry Building

Friday, November 13
Speaker: Iranya K. Nath
Title: TBA
Location: 1216 Crosley

Thursday, November 19
Speaker: Steve Wernke
Title: TBA
Location: TBA

Thursday, November 19
Speaker: Toshihiro Matsumura
Title: The Lost Decade in Japan
Location: 400 B Tangeman University Center

Friday, December 4   
Speaker: Prof. Timothy Conley, University of Chicago
Location: Taft House / 1216 Crosley

Thursday, January 28
Speaker: Srinivas Aravamudan, Duke University
Title: Humanities Forum, Keynote Lecture
Location:Taft Research Center

Friday, January 29
Speaker: Srinivas Aravamudan, Duke University; Gerald L. Early, Washington University at Saint Louis; Victor Bailey, University of Kansas 
Title: Humanities Forum, Roundtable Discussion
Location:Taft Research Center

Wednesday February 24 
Speaker: Michael Sherry
Title: Go Directly to Jail: I) The Punitive Turn Begins; II)The Punitive Turn in Our Time. Two lectures on two consecutive afternoons.
Location: Taft Research Center

Thursday, February 25
Speaker: Barbara Fischer
Title: A Jewish Fate in Dresden: Henny Brenner's Autobiography
Location: Max Kade German Cultural Center

Thursday, March 4
Speaker: David Moore
Title: How Public Policy Polls Undermine Democracy
Location: Taft Research Center

Monday, March 15
Speaker: William Bechtel
Title: Dynamic Mechanistic Explanations and Endogenously Active Brains
Location: Taft Research Center

Thursday, April 1
Speaker: Donald E. Marshall
Title: Conformal Maps
Location: 527 Old Chemistry Building

Friday, April 2 
Speaker: Donald E. Marshall
Title: Loewner, Welding, and Zippers
Location: 527 Old Chemistry Building

Tuesday,  April 6
Speaker: Christopher Shields
Title: The Dialectic of Life
Location: 043 McMicken Hall

Wednesday, April 7
Speaker: Kwakiutl Dreher
Title: Hangin' out with my Celebrity Sistahs

Monday, April 12
Speaker: Hans Medick
Title: The Thirty Years' War as Experience and Memory: Contemporary Perceptions of a Macro-Historical Event.
Location: Max Kade German Cultural Center

Thursday, April 22
Speaker: Bogac Ergene
Title: Why did Ummu Gulsum go to Court? Ottoman Legal Practice between History and Antropology
Location: Taft House

Thursday, April 29
Speaker: Matthew Restall
Title: Are the Maya Really Afro-Maya? (The Lost History of Afro-Yucatan)
Location: Taft Research Center

Friday, May 7
Speaker: Donald Ray Pollock, Margaret Luongo
Title: The Ohio Festival of the Short Story
Location:Department of English and Comparative Literature

Saturday, May 8
Speaker: Nancy Zafris, Lee K. Abbott
Title: The Ohio Festival of the Short Story
Location: Department of English and Comparative Literature

Thursday - Saturday, May 13-15 
Annual Research Symposium 2010
9:00 AM Presentations, 4:00 PM Keynote
Taft Research Center

Center Fellow Presentatations Thursday, May 13

Laura Jenkins(Political Science), A Lost Tribe? Religion, Nation, and Migration from India to Israel

Jintai Ding(Mathematical Sciences), Post-quantum Cryptography: Multivariate Public Key Cryptography

Tamar Heller(English), A Plot of Her Own: Rhoda Broughton and English Fiction

Leah Stewart(English), A Reading from Lucy's War

Christopher Phillips(History), Lincoln's Grasp of War: Neutrality, Conciliation, and the Border State Dilemma, 1861–62

Keynote Friday, May 14 Li-Young Lee, Distinguished Poet, Reading and Lecture on Poetics Introduction by Professor Jim Cummins, Poet and Curator, Elliston Library

Dissertation Fellows Presentations Saturday, May 15

  • Erica Dawson(English), Inwardness, Authorship, and Cottontail
  • Julianne Lynch(English), A Reading from Mother, Mother
  • Clement Loo(Philosophy), The Concept of Ecosystem Health within Ecology and Environmental Ethics
  • Evan Hart (History), "The Conspiracy of Silence is Killing Us": Byllye Avery and the Founding of the National Black Women's Health Project
  • John Callaghan(Political Science), Slavery and Major Power Warfare: Similar Paths to Obsolescence?
  • Ying Ma(Sociology), Ethnic Language Maintenance among School-age Second-generation Immigrant Children
  • Ivonne Rivas(Mathematical Sciences), Mathematical Models of Water Waves
  • Daniel Cabarcas (Mathematical Sciences), New Trends in Polynomial Solving and Applications to Cryptography
  • Yan Sun(Mathematical Sciences), Regularization for Long-order Autoregressive Processes and Its Applications
  • Rafael Garcia (Romance Languages), Fray Luis de Granada and the Religious Interpretative Communities in the Spanish Sixteenth Century
  • Michael Ennis(German Studies), Virtual Presentation: The M/S Wilhelm Gustloff in German Memory Culture
  • Michael Hutchins(German Studies), Virtual Presentation: "Kant and Television—They Obviously Don't Go Together": Reflections on an Unpublished Screenplay in W.G. Sebald's Literary Estate

Monday, May 17 
Speaker: Julia Phillips Cohen
Title: Becoming Ottomans: Sephardi Jews and Imperial Belonging
Location: Taft Lecture Room

Friday, May 21
Speaker: Daniel Lord Smail
Title: Bridging the Abyss of Time: Making History 'Deep' and Interdisciplinary
Location: 400B Tangeman