Past Events

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2012 - 2013

Wednesday, February 20 
Speaker: Mercedes Prieto, FLACSO-Ecuador 
Title: Latin American Feminisms: State, Diversity, Redistribution
Location: Tangeman University Center

Monday, February 18 
Speaker: Maria Ttar, Harvard University 
Title: Magical, Mythical and Back with a Vengeance: 200 Years of the Brothers Grimm
Location: 800 Swift Hall

Friday, February 15 
Title: Taft Fellow Roundtables
Location: Taft House (Stratford Heights 2526 Clifton Avenue) 

Thursday, January 24 
Speaker: Dr. Kathleen M. Blee, University of Pittsburgh
Title: Funding Workshop: Getting Qualitative Research Funded

Thursday, February 7
Speaker: Ananya Roy, Professor of City and Regional Planning and Distinguished Chair in Global Poverty and Practice at the University of California, Berkeley 
Title: Millennial Woman: Technologies of Gender in Poverty Capitalism
Location: 400B Tangeman University Center

Wednesday, February 13
Speaker: Dr. Tomas Koontz, The Ohio State University School of Environment and Natural Resources 
Title: Collaborative Governance and Watershed Management: From Ohio to Germany (and back!)

Thursday, February 21
Speaker: Robin D.G. Kelley, Gary B. Nash Professor of American History, University of California, Los Angeles 
Title: The Long Rise and Short Decline of American Democracy
Location: Main Street Cinema 

Friday, February 22
Speaker: Dr. Lucian Georgescu, The Romanian Theatre and Film University, Bucharest 
Title: The Tower of Babel: Linguistic Chaos in The Phantom Father
Location: Taft Research Center 

Monday, October 15
Speaker: Carol Newsom Charles Howard Candler Professor of Old Testament, Emory University
Title: Angels and Demons in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Location: Cincinnati Museum Center, Reakirt Auditorium

Thursday, October 18 
Speaker: Laurence Kotlikoff, William Fairfield Warren Professor of Economics, Boston University 
Title: The Clash of Generations: Saving Ourselves, Our Kids and Our Economy
Location: Lindner Center 

Saturday, October 20 
Speaker: Dr. Tina Campt, Barnard College 
Title: Racing the Family Narrative: Black German Family Photography and the Stories Pictures (Won't) Tell
Location: Max Kade Cultural Center 

Friday, March 1 
Speaker: Robert Kaestner, University of Illinois 
Title: Does Seeing the Doctor More Often Keep You Out of the Hospital?
Location: Carl H. Lindner College of Business 

Monday, March 4 
Speaker: Lawrence Baron, San Diego State University 
Title: The Wandering View: The Jewish Immigrant in World Cinema
Location: Max Kade German Cultural Center 

Monday, March 4 
Speaker: Lawrence Baron, San Diego State University 
Title: The Reluctant Resuer: From 'Schindler's List' to 'Hotel Rwanda'
Location: University of Cincinnati Blue Ash Campus: Muntz Hall, 9555 Plainfield Road 

Thursday, March 7
Speaker: Dr. Orit Avishai, Fordham University 
Title: Gendered Revolutions in Orthodox Judaism: It's Not Just the Feminists
Location: Taft Research Center 

Wednesday, March 27 
Speaker: Stefan Bradley, Saint Louis University
Title: Bourgeois Black Activism: African American Student Protest in the Ivy League, 1945-1975
Location: Taft Research Center 

Thursday, April 4 
Speaker: Various presenters 
Title: Health and Hip Hop Summit
Location: African American Cultural Resource Center 

Friday, April 5 
Speaker: Lydie E. Moudileno, University of Pennsylvania 
Title: Postcolonial Icons
Location: Old Chemistry Building 

Monday, April 8 
Speaker: Dr. Tekla Ali Johnson, Salem College, Winston-Salem North Carolina 
Title: Free Radical: Ernest Chambers, Black Power, and the Politics of Race
Location: Taft Research Center 

Tuesday, April 9 
Speaker: Jennifer K. Wagner, University of Pennsylvania's Center for the Integration of Genetic Healthcare 
Title: Genetic Screening and Testing in Sports: Facilitating Player Success, Safety, or Discrimination?
Location: Taft Research Center