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DF announceSMSMSM2

Session I, 10:30 AM

Coexistence in the Face of War: Civil-Military Relations in Brandenburg During the Thirty Years War (1618-1648)
Evan Hohnson, History

Pervasive Hegemony Theory
Igor Kovac, Political Science

Self-similar stochastic processes
Zuopeng Fu, Mathematical Sciences


Lunch, 12 PM - - ALL WELCOME!


Session II, 12:45 PM

Standing Right Here: The Built Environment as a Tool for Historical Inquiry and Public History
Anne Delano Steinert, History

Central Americans in Movement: Reviving Sociopolitical Poetry in the U.S. Diaspora
Tiffanie Clark, Romance Languages and Literatures

The Effect of School District Levies On Communities
Beau Sauley, Economics


Session III, 2:15 PM

Organism-Environment Codetermination: The Biological Roots of Enactivism
Amanda Corris, Philosophy

Autonomy & Constraint: Sex Educators in Schools
Orlaith Heymann, Sociology

Emily Rose Cole, English and Comparative Literature