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Armando Romero

Scholar, poet, and fiction writer Armando Romero obtained his PhD in Latin American literature from the University of Pittsburgh in 1983. His literary and critical work has been translated into English, Italian, Greek, Rumanian, French, German, Arabic and Portuguese. Romero's critical text Las palabras están en situación: Un estudio de la poesía colombiana de 1940 a 1960 (1985) is considered by Colombian critics to be one of the most important books on Latin American poetry published in the twentieth century. Along with El Nadaísmo colombiano, o, La búsqueda de una vanguardia perdida (1988), it has been widely adopted in Colombian universities. With Taft support, Professor Romero recently published two critical anthologies of Latin American poetry, Una gravedad alegre (2008) and Antología del Nadaísmo (2009). Romero's novel La rueda de Chicago (2004) won the 2005 Latino Book Award for Best Adventure Novel at the New York Book Festival. In 2011 Romero won the Concejo de Siero International Award (Spain) for his forthcoming novel Cajambre. Romero's books of poetry include A vista del tiempo, selected poetry 1961-2004 (2005) and Versi liberi per Venezia (2010). In 2004 he was invited to read his poetry at the Library of Congress. Interviews with Romero have appeared in Hispanic Poetry Review and the Brazilian literary journal Agulha. In 2008, the National and Kapodostrian University of Athens, Greece awarded Romero an honorary doctoral degree.

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