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Magda Peligrad

Magda Peligrad is a professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  Her area of expertise is Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes. Peligrad's research deals with dependent structures and covers various aspects of modeling the dependence, maximal inequalities, and limit theorems. Most of the stochastic processes studied are weakly dependent, i.e. processes for which the dependence is diminishing with time. Example of these processes are: classes of Markov processes, Mixing Processes, Martingale like-sequences, time series, shift processes, associate processes and many others. Some of the limit theorems she discovered have immediate applicability to Statistics of dependent data and to Ergodic theory, making her field of research multidisciplinary. The results of her research became the subject of more than 50 papers and chapters in various books, and a very large number of lectures in United States and abroad. Her research was rewarded by several National Science Foundation and National Security Agency grants.

For more about Dr. Peligrad, see her UC Research by clicking on this sentence, or visiting https://researchdirectory.uc.edu/p/peligrm