ShareIT 2024

Welcome ShareIT 2024

Owning Your Journey

ShareIT Spring 2024 is here! Thanks to the contributions of many in DTS (Digital Technology Solutions) and the Office of Equity and Inclusion, we will be offering a series of sessions focused on: Owning Your Journey.

Last year we focused on the power within each of us to create the future we envision. This year we take it a step further by immersing ourselves in the vast field of Information Technology and understanding what it will take to achieve your vision.

Each week we will:

  • Experience different aspects of IT
  • Talk in depth about what it takes to be successful in each field.
  • Delve into creating your own pathways to achieve your goals.

As we share these stories through the lens of technology and you learn about the latest and greatest in various IT fields, we ask each participant to consider the following:

  • Where do you envision yourself in the broad fields of Information Technology?
  • What steps are required to be successful in that particular field?
  • How will you Own Your Journey towards success?

As a final presentation, students will work in teams to create innovative ideas that explore the pathways they have chosen.