Equity & Inclusion

Programs & Mentorship

The University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center has a number ongoing programs and many in development aimed at creating pathways for students interested in health professions careers.

Academic Health Center-Wide

Academic Health Center Pathways Program
In development: An evidence-based interprofessional pipeline pathway curriculum to attract and retain diverse students from urban and rural communities to health professions programs.

Academic Health Center Educational Pipeline Program
In development: A collaborative pipeline aimed at K through 12 and first- through fourth-year college students, with interprofessional education components.

The University of Cincinnati Open School chapter
Promotes ongoing improvement and innovation in health care and cultivates the clinical and leadership skills of our interprofessional community. We achieve this through compassionate partnership with community-based clients, and student-driven learning opportunities founded in coursework offered by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

The Open School clinic offers students the opportunity for interprofessional education in a practice site where they learn from, with, and about each other’s professions. As they offer health screenings, education, and coaching to community residents, the students develop their engagement and interviewing skills. The staff of St. Vincent de Paul has told us that the UC Open School presence makes a difference in the life of the West End community.

UC Open School is open on Saturdays from 9 am until noon on the second floor of St. Vincent de Paul Society.

MAPS: Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students
MAPS is targeted towards undergraduate pre-medical students. Through a partnership between local SNMA chapters and undergraduate pre-medical students, the MAPS program aims to increase the matriculation of underrepresented students into health related professions and programs through several avenues. The partnership primarily serves as an academic support system in that it provides information on how undergraduates may establish themselves as competitive candidates for medical school early in their undergraduate career. Moreover, the MAPS program gears undergraduates towards the development of skills and thought processes necessary for physicians who are competent intellectually, culturally, and socially.

A 7-week pre-first-year summer bridge program, academic support and enrichment throughout baccalaureate degree in science pre-med.

The Transformation of Mission-Based Health Care
In progress: A project aimed at increasing the quality of evidence-based data within universities to develop a health care workforce that reduces health disparities; identifying measures that institutions can use to assess progress and drive great impact; and dissemination of new knowledge, tools, and resources to assist universities and academic medical centers in increasing their capacity and contributions.

UC Scholars Academy 
The UC Scholars Academy is a university-wide initiative designed to prepare, recruit, retain and graduate students of diverse populations across all disciplines in the university. This program, officially launched in 2016, is supported by each of the colleges of the Academic Health Center to offer education and engagement of students around the health professions. The program has three distinct but related purposes:

  • Connect and consolidate existing UC K-12 outreach programming that seeks to bring a more diverse student body to the University of Cincinnati
  • Provide academic as well as college and career readiness experiences using an aligned and articulated approach across all disciplines
  • Create and implement scalable, interdisciplinary summer bridge and academic year programs that increase access to college and career success for our community’s students – creating robust pathways of support. 

Allied Health Sciences

Connections Mentoring Program
Mentorships, job shadowing and professional role modeling opportunities.

Hughes High School Pathways Program
Dual-credit medical terminology course, tutoring and power lunches.


TAP MD, LaSalle Scholars
Science enrichment classes, shadowing experiences and faculty lectures.

Connections Dual Admissions
Mentoring and guidance to support academic growth in pre-medical studies at the undergraduate level; service and medically-related experiences.


Pharmacy in Learning and Leading (PILL)
Shadowing and mentoring.


Advising Minorities By Inspiring & Transforming Them Into Outstanding Nurses (AMBITION) aims to improve the diversity of the nursing program at the university through a student-led, faculty advised mentoring system.

Leadership 2.0

The Leadership 2.0 Program is a comprehensive program that seeks to increase the number of first generation, underrepresented ethnically and/or economically disadvantaged students in the College of Nursing while helping such students achieve excellence in college and beyond. The program includes a pre-college outreach program, summer bridge program, as well as campus-wide academic support and retention activities.