2021 Spring Mixer and Young Investigator Awardee Lecture

Our annual Spring Mixer was held March 10, 2021 as a virtual event.  The mixer began as a social event using the platform. 

Dr. Kevin Haworth, our 2021 Young Investigator winner, provided the keynote lecture "A 23rd century surgical tricorder in the 21st century?."  You can find out more about his research in the Department of Internal Medicine. The abstract for the lecture was:

In the 23rd century aboard the Starship Enterprise, tricorders were used to scan the environment, record data, and make diagnoses. Spock used one to analyze unknown worlds while Dr. McCoy used one to quickly diagnose a patient. It was a futuristic handheld device, and we might not be so far from our own version in the 21st century.  Ultrasound, already the most common medical imaging modality used around the world, is now expanding beyond its diagnostic role in order to become a potential all-in-one way to image and treat a patient. The first part of this lecture will provide an overview of how ultrasound is moving beyond it’s familiar role of providing a first glimpse of a baby in utero to visualizing tissue in new ways and then subsequently modifying that tissue for therapeutic purposes. In the second part of the lecture we will look more deeply at a novel ultrasound imaging modality being developed for guiding therapeutic interventions. The final segment of the lecture will explore a novel ultrasound therapy for treating heart attacks that is being developed at UC.

We also recognized our 2021 UC Chapter Grants in Aide of Research student winners:

  • Oluwaseun Ajayi
  • Ezekiel King Phillips
  • Jacob Orkwis
  • Emily Simpson