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When Robots Learn to Write, What Happens to Learning?
Four Proposals for AI Tools in Teaching & Learning
Bill Hart-Davidson, Michigan State University
February 21, 11:15AM
Tangeman University Center, Room 400

The Power of Archival History in the Future of African
American Communities

Meredith Evans, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum
February 22, 6PM
Probasco Auditorium
Critical Race Theory and the Interest Divergence Dilemma
Victor Ray, University of Iowa
February 23, 3PM
Taft Research Center

A Room of Her Own: Julia Morgan and the Architecture of
Working Class Immigrant Women's Organizations in San
Francisco, 1908-1940
Zoya Brumberg-Kraus, University of Texas at Austin
February 26, 5PM
Taft Research Center

Liberating Ideas (through) Voice (and) Expression: LIVE
Marquese Mc Ferguson, Florida Atlantic University
Anjuliet Woodruffe & Simone Savannah, UC
February 29, 5PM
Contemporary Arts Center

MetaClassics: Race, Diversity, and Studying Antiquity
Arum Park, University of Arizona
March 19, 12:30PM
Taft Research Center

Department of Mathematical Sciences Taft Colloquium
Heat kernel and transition density function
Zhen-Qing Chen, University of Washington
March 19, 4PM
Baldwin Hall, Room 544

Taft Annual Research Symposium Keynote
What Transpires Now: Trans History in the Present
Susan Stryker, Historian and Transgender Studies Pioneer
March 21, 4PM
Taft Research Center

Department of Anthropology Colloquium Series
Exploring Disability and Restoring Social Memory in Early
Century California: A Community-Based Research
Project at 
the Sonoma Developmental Center Cemetery
Alexis T. Boutin, Sonoma State University
March 28, 4PM
Taft Research Center

The Republic of Translators: Latin, Greek, Arabic and a
Age of Science, Philosophy, and Theology in the
Twelfth Century
John Mulhall, Purdue University
April 5, 12:45PM
Clifton Court Hall, Room 5280

Charles Phelps Taft Research Center
Edwards I, Suite 1110
47 Corry Boulevard
Cincinnati, OH 45221