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Research Groups

Taft Research Groups provide seed monies for up to three years. Groups must demonstrate a potential for leveraging external funding, among other possibilities, and/or working toward a final product, such as an edited volume. Groups are asked to find ways to disseminate research to broader audiences, for example, via op-eds or social media platforms, and to consider other activities that promote dialogue within and/or beyond the proposed research group and the Taft research community.


Current Research Groups

Research Groups 2023-24
Narrative Medicine, Compassionate Arts and Healing
2021 Research Group
Building Resilient Communities (with Communities)


Past Research Groups

Former Research Groups
Identities and Representations of Human Mobilities
UC Center for Public Engagement with Science
Creative Writing &Translation: Fostering Multilingual Collaborations
Algorithms, Simulations, Platforms
Transnational Cultural Studies
Health Humanities
Social Justice