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Graduate Summer Fellows

  • Andrew Evans, Philosophy
    Bioethical and public health perspectives on the aims of healthcare

  • Alysha Federkeil, History
    They Dare Not Say No to Me:” Daisy Lampkin’s Grassroot Networks in the Long Civil Rights Movement

  • Ben Hojem, English
    Racial Poetics and Creative Rhetorics: A Study on Race and the “Too-White” Workshop

  • Lora Newman, Mathematical Sciences
    COVID-19 Transmission in Schools: A Multi-Group Stochastic SEIR Model

  • Olga Sanz-Casasnovas, Romance and Arabic Languages & Literatures
    Dissenting Discourses: Body as an Archive versus the National Body in Two Novels by Severo Sarduy

  • Prateek Srivastava, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies
    In Search of My Husband: Resisting Disappearances and Microfinance Debt in Northern Sri Lanka

  • Jayne Stone, English The Writing/Crafting/Dining Table: Making Visible the Complex Writing Environments of Single Mother Graduate Student Writers

  • Kierra Toney, Sociology
    Veiled Schools: A Comparative Historical Analysis of Place Making in Majority Black High Schools in the South

  • Zhihe Zeng, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies
    Negotiating Queerness and Feminist Ideals: Forming Identities and Changing Living Strategies of Young Lesbian and Queer Women in China

Past Graduate Summer Fellows

Graduate Summer Fellows