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Taft Faculty Write sessions:  4/14, 4/28
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Mothering while Black: Exploring the lived experience of racial disparities in maternal and infant health
Sarah Rubin, Ohio University Osteopathic College of Medicine
12 PM, Mar. 22
Taft Research Center

Man on Fire (film screening, Q&A) 
James Chase Sanchez, Middlebury College 
7 PM, Mar. 22
Esquire Theatre

Confrontation & Investigation: A Research Methods Workshop
James Chase Sanchez, Middlebury College 
4 PM, Mar. 23
TUC 419

Salt of the Earth: The Rhetoric of White Supremacy   
James Chase Sanchez, Middlebury College 
11:15 AM, Mar. 24
TUC 417  

Racial, Reproductive, and Social Justice
Loretta Ross, Smith College
4:30 PM, Mar. 24
TUC Great Hall

Looking Through Cracks and Exploring Fragments: Wandering and Designing in Non-Traditional Creative Spaces
Rian Rezende, Pontifical Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro
12:30 PM, Mar. 29
Taft Research Center

Legs, Hips, Body, & Poetry
Morgan-Allison Moore & Simone Savannah
3 PM, Mar. 30
African American & Cultural Resource Center

John Brown's Economy
Walter Johnson, Harvard University
3 PM, Mar. 31
Taft Research Center

The Sexual Politics of Haiti: Postcolonial Homophobia in Haiti
Erin Durban, University of Minnesota
12:30 PM, Apr. 4
Taft Research Center
A Taft Decolonial Futures Event

Garments without Guilt?: Labor, Debt Crisis, and Ethically Just Futures
Kanchana N. Ruwanpura, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
3:30 PM, Apr. 6
Online Webinar
A Taft Decolonial Futures Event

Researching and Writing Russian History in a Time of War
Nick Breyfogle, Ohio State University
3 PM, Apr. 12
Taft Research Center
Gender and Sexuality in Troubled Times: A Graduate Student Symposium
Pascha Bueno-Hansen, University of Delaware; Qais Munhazim, Thomas Jefferson University
9 AM, Apr. 17
Taft Research Center
A Taft Decolonial Futures event

Annual Research Symposium
Decolonial Futures
3 PM. Apr. 19
Taft Research Center

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Charles Phelps Taft Research Center
Edwards I, Suite 1110
47 Corry Boulevard
Cincinnati, OH 45221