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Introducing the 2020-21 Taft Postdoctoral Fellows:

Chandra Frank, PhD, Department of Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies, with an emphasis on queer and feminist studies, Goldsmiths, University of London. For more about Dr. Frank, please click here.

Anima Adjepong, PhD, Sociology, with graduate certificates in Women’s and Gender Studies and African and African Diaspora Studies, University of Texas at Austin. For more about Dr. Adjepong, please click here.

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Taft Professor of Public Humanities
Taft Professor of Social Justice Studies

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Native American Heritage Month: More Than A Word (Preview & discussion of film)
Nov. 12, 2 PM 
John Little
, Director of the Indian University of North America
Kenn Little, filmmaker

Of the Standing Rock Dakota tribe, John Little and Kenn Little direct More Than A Word, offering a look inside the growing movement to change the name of the Washington R*dskins football team. The film traces origins of the word, from a term of racist derision and slander to being embraced as the name of one of the NFL’s most beloved franchises; and draws on the voices of Native American activists and scholars to place this controversy within the wider context of Native American history and racial stereotyping more generally.

Home Ain’t Always Where the Heart Is: Women, Confinement, and Domestic Violence in the Gilded Age Bluegrass 
Feb. 16, 12 PM 
Charlene J. Fletcher, Ph.D.
Historian of Race, Gender, and the American South
Emerging Voices Postdoctoral Research Associate in Slavery and Justice, Brown University