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The Maternal Imprint Sept. 9, 7 PM
Sarah Richardson, Harvard
Merchantile Library, Cincinnati OH
Tickets avialable through the Mercantile library.

The Price of Grain and Climate Change: China's Collapse in 1644
Sept. 28, 4 PM
Timothy Brook, University of British Columbia in Vancouver

2021-22 Taft Postdoctoral Fellow

Simone Savannah, Ph.D. is a Black feminist writer and teacher born and raised in Columbus Ohio. She is the author of Uses of My Body (Barrow Street 2020) and Like Kansas (Big Lucks 2018). She is the winner of the Barrow Street Poetry Book Prize chosen by Jericho Brown. Her work has been published in Apogee, The Fem, Powder Keg, GlitterMob, Shade Journal, BreakBeat Poets, and several other journals and anthologies. She earned her M.Ed and B.A. from Ohio University. She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Kansas. For more about Dr. Savannah, please click here.

2020-22 Taft Postdoctoral Fellow

Chandra Frank, PhD, Department of Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies, with an emphasis on queer and feminist studies, Goldsmiths, University of London. For more about Dr. Frank, please click here.