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Thinking Europe Otherwise: Lessons from the Caribbean
March 5

Manuela Boatcă, University of Freiburg

International Women’s Day Taft Lecture

Immigrant Detention, Prisons, and Criminalization: Taking Children and Reproductive (In)Justice
3:30 PM, March 8

Laura Briggs, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Reaching Verified Hispanics: Digital Advertising, Ethnoracial Data, and the Right to be Surveilled
4 PM, March 11

Marcel Rosa-Salas, University of Illinois at Chicago

Afro Costa Rican Citizenship Portraits
4 PM, March 19

Diana Senior Angulo, University of Costa Rica

Louisiana: Race, Ecology, and the Legacies of the Plantations
4 PM, March 25

Justin T. Hosbey, Emory University

Adventure Capital: Migration, Public Space, and the Making of an African Hub in Paris
4 PM, March 26

Julie Kleinman, Fordham University

Covering Covid-19 Pandemic and Fake News: An Analysis of the Perspectives of African Diaspora Journalists in Europe
4 PM, March 30

Ola Ogunyemi, University of Lincoln (U.K.), University of Bowen (Nigeria)

Digital Technologies in Queer Border-Crossing and Migration
2 PM, April 2

Yener Bayramoğlu, Alice Salomon University Berlin (Germany)

Sunil Bhatia, Connecticut College
4 PM, April 9

Why Do Fascists Continue to Use the Law? Returning to Marxist State Theory to Think about Trumpism
4 PM, April 12

Judith Grant, Ohio University

Return of Genetic Ancestry Results to Participants of the Afro-Mexico Genomics Project
4 PM EST, April 15
Maria C. Avila-Arcos, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Sri Lankan Refugee Homes: (Re)creating home during resettlement in Australia
4 PM, April 16

Charishma Ratnam, Monash University (Australia)

Art and the Archive
2 PM, April 21
Chandra Frank, Taft Postdoctoral Fellow
Featuring talks talks from:
  • Julietta Singh, University of Richmond
  • Anjali Arondekar, University of California Santa Cruz
  • Uri McMillan, University of California Los Angeles

Taft Faculty Write
10 AM - 2 PM, May 3-7

2020-21 Taft Postdoctoral Fellows

Chandra Frank, PhD, Department of Media, Communication, and Cultural Studies, with an emphasis on queer and feminist studies, Goldsmiths, University of London. For more about Dr. Frank, please click here.

Anima Adjepong, PhD, Sociology, with graduate certificates in Women’s and Gender Studies and African and African Diaspora Studies, University of Texas at Austin. For more about Dr. Adjepong, please click here.
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