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Taft Faculty Write
10 AM - 2 PM, December 13-17
A virtual workshop providing faculty a space for writing, daily goals, and accountability check-ins.

When Was Nationalism? A Reflection on the Chronology of a Destructive Ideology
Helmut Walser Smith, Vanderbuilt University
Feb. 17 (time TBD)
Location TBD

Dissertation Fellows
March 22-25
  • The Antipoetry Work of Carlos Martínez Rivas: Parody, Humor, Pessimism and The Neo-baroque Program
    Tomás Emilio Arce, Romance and Arabic Languages and Literatures
  • You Can’t Talk About That in the #CancelCulture: Social Media’s Disparate Impacts on Racial Discourse and Ideology
    Marcus A. Brooks, Sociology
  • Treatable Conditions: Boundaries for a Mental Health Ontology
    Andrew Evans, Philosophy
  • Powerful Emergence
    Bradley A. Griggs, Philosophy
  • Bayesian regression with piecewise linear spline
    Rui Huang, Mathematical Sciences
  • Archives of Empathy: A Creative and Critical Examination of Migration, Diaspora, and Identity
    Yalie Saweda Kamara, English
  • Statistical Downscaling of Climate Model Projections
    Ayesha Kumari Ekanayaka Katugoda, Mathematical Sciences
  • The Philosopher’s Path to San José: Toward a Cross-Cultural Radical Embodied Cognitive Science
    Jonathan McKinney, Philosophy
  • An Unconquerable Idea: The Southern Press and Confederate Nationalism
    Kevin McPartland, History
  • The Migration of Women from Nepal for Domestic Work to the Gulf States and the Impact of Nepal Government’s Policies Banning Out-Migration for Domestic Work
    Sayam Moktan, Political Science
  • Willful Objects and Feminist Writing Practices
    Rhiannon Scharnhorst, English & Comparative Literature
  • My Apartment: Posthumanism, Ecology, and Poetry
    Madeleine Wattenberg, English & Comparative Literature

Annual Research Symposium
1-5 PM, Mar. 30
  • The Red-Faced Demon of Khurasan: Conquest and Rebellion on an Early Islamic Frontier
    Robert Haug, Department of History
  • Remembering Non-Humans in American Space Exploration: Memory at the Intersection of Patriotism, Science, and the Environment
    John Lynch, Department of Communication
  • Resistance and Rollback: The Politics of Women’s Rights Contestation at the United Nations
    Rebecca Sanders, Department of Political Science
  • On the Spectrum: Jewish Refugees from Nazi Austria and the Politics of Disability in Britain and America
    Katherine Sorrels, Department of History
  • Undoing Paul: Imagining Apostolic Insecurity in the Neoliberal Age
    Jay Twomey, Department of English & Comparative Literature

Annual Research Symposium Keynote
4 PM, Mar. 31
Natalie Diaz, Maxine and Jonathan Marshall Chair and Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Arizona State University
Mainstreet Cinema (TUC 220)