Past Events

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2010 - 2011

Wednesday, September 22
Speaker: Fred Reynolds, UC Executive Vice-President and Professor of English and Psychiatry
Title: Mental Health Record-keeping
Location: 2108 Stetson Building

Thursday, September 23
Speaker: Leland S. Person 
Title: The Pleasures of Lynching? Stowe and Twain, Tom and Jim

Thursday, September 30
Speaker: Joshua Takano Chambers-Letson 
Title: Mare Liberum (The Free Sea): Native Korean Rock and Performance Past Identity

Thursday, October 7
Speaker: Jennifer Glaser
Title: Indigeneity and Diaspora in Contemporary Jewish-American Literature

Thursday, October 14
Speaker: Myriam J. A. Chancy
Title: Travesía: Crossings of Sovereignty, Sexuality, and Race in the Restorative Art of Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons

Thursday, October 14
Speaker: Amy Lind 
Title: Why Sexuality Matters in Urban Research: Reflections on Development Policies in Latin American Cities"

Friday, October 15
Speaker: Dr. Arup Bose, Economics
Title: Simple Contracts in the Presence of Moral Hazard: 
Location: Crosley Tower

Thursday, October 21
Speaker: Suzanne Warren 
Title: Vera Ikon: Mary Gaitskill's Veronica

Thursday, October 21
Speaker: Jeff Timberlake
Title: Confined to the Inner Ring? Patterns of Minority Suburbanization in US Metropolitan Areas 

Friday, October 22
Speaker: Dr. Peter Holquist, History
Title: Crimes Against Humanity: The History of a Concept
Location: Taft Research Center

Wednesday, October 27
Speaker: Dr. Elizabeth Watkins
Title: Stress and the American Vernacular: Popular Perceptions of Disease Causality
Location: Taft Research Center

Thursday, October 28
Speaker: Erynn Masi de Casanova
Title: Urban Geography and Informal Employment in Another 'City of Neighborhoods': Guayaquil, Ecuador"

Friday, October 29
Speaker: Dr. James Eder, Anthropology
Title: Migration, Resource Management, and Household Livelihood Diversification in the Philippine Coastal Zone
Location: Taft Research Center

Thursday, November 4
Speaker: Trish Henley
Title: Archiving the Early Modern Prostitute

Thursday, November 4
Speaker: Ethan Philbrick
Title: The OTR Question Cart

Tuesday, November 9
Speaker: Dr. Barbara Ramusack
Title: Medical Women and Maternal and Infant Health Programs in Colonial South India
Location: Taft Research Center

Wednesday, November 17
Speaker: Dr. Cheli Reutter
Title: The Medical Humanities and UC
Location: Taft Research Center

Wednesday, November 17
Speaker: Dr. Charles E. Jones, Africana Studies
Title: Panther Activism in the South: People’s Party II and the Black Panther Party in Houston, Texas
Location: Taft Research Center

Thursday, November 18
Speaker: Gary Weissman
Title: The Author in the Well: A Work in Progress

Thursday, November 18
Speaker: Todd Herzog
Title: Berlin on Film

Monday, November 22
Speaker: Rita Dove, English and Comparative Literature
Title: Poetry Reading with Rita Dove
Location: 127 McMicken Hall

Thursday, December 2
Speaker: Stan Corkin
Title: Representing the Post-Industrial: HBO's The Wire and the Discrete Spaces of Baltimore 

Friday, January 28
Speaker: Chen-mou Cheng, Mathematical Sciences
Title: Graphic Cards in Cryptography
Location: 301 Braunstein Hall

Thursday, February 10
Speaker: Nancy Fraser, Women's Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Title: The Market in Nature: A Neo-Polanyian Critique of Capitalist Crisis
Location: Main Street Cinema, Tangeman University Center

Tuesday, February 22
Speaker: Matthew Gordon, History
Title: Singers and Soldiers: Slaves and Slave Families of the Ninth Century Islamic Near East Location: Taft Research Center

Thursday, Wednesday
Speaker: Robert von Dassanowsky, German Studies
Title: New Austrian Film
Location: Max Kade German Cultural Center

Friday, March 4
Speaker: Mary Pattillo, Sociology
Location: Taft Research Center

Tuesday, March 8
Speaker: Michael O'Malley, History
Title: Compensated Emancipation: Why Does It Fail?
Location: Taft Research Center

Wednesday, March 9
Speaker: Michael O'Malley, History
Title: Historical Argument and the Abundance of Information
Location: Von Rosenstiel Room, 315 McMicken Hall

Monday, April 4
Speaker: Brigitte Demes, Anthropology
Title: The facultative bipedalism of non-human primates: What can we learn about the evolution of human bipedal gait?
Location: Taft Research Center

Friday, April 8
Speaker: Andi Zeisler, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Title: Feminism, Technologies, and Pop Culture Activism
Location: 400B Tangeman University Center (TUC)

Thursday, April 14
Speaker: John Mueller, Political Science
Title: Terror, Security, and Money: Balancing the Risks, Benefits, and Costs of Homeland Security
Location: 601 Old Chemistry Building

Thursday, April 14
Speaker: Leo Lucassen, History
Title: Yet Another Great Divergence? Migration to the City since the Late Eighteenth Century, A Global Perspective
Location: Taft Research Center

Thursday, April 21
Speaker: Sue J. Kim, English and Comparative Literature
Title: Literature, Anger, Affect
Location: Taft Research Center

Thursday, April 28
Speaker: Leora Auslander, History
Title: Material and Emotional Claims: Restitution in Postwar Europe
Location: Taft Research Center

Monday, May 2
Speaker: Monika Nenon, German Studies
Title: Freedom and Friendship in Lessing’s Ernst und Falk (1776-78)
Location: Taft Research Center

Wednesday, May 18 

Speaker: Roberta Johnson, Romance Languages
Title: Feminism and the Contemporary Spanish Novel
Location: Taft Research Center

Friday, May 20
Speaker: Kenneth Fjell, Economics
Title: The Economics of Social Network
Location: 1216 Crosley Tower