Past Events

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2011 - 2012

Friday, November 18
Speaker: Julio Valle-Castillo, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, Taft Research Fellow
Title: Relectura de la ensayística de Salomón de la Selva(Rereading the Essays of Salomon de la Selva)
Location: Taft House Lecture Room 

Wednesday, November 30
Speakers: Nancy Felson, Professor Emerita of Classics, University of Georgia, and Co-founder of the UGA Humanities Center; Margo Tytus Fellow, University of Cincinnati; Whitehead Professor, American School of Classical Studies 2010-11
Title: From Pindar of Thebes: An Invitation to Travel Vicariously
Location: 308 Blegen

Friday, December 2
Speaker: Deborah White, Trent University, Canada 
Title: When Medicine Meets Law: A Critical Exploration of Tensions, Contradictions, and Ethical Concerns of Healthcare Interventions in Sexual Assault Cases 
Location: Taft Research Center 

Thursday, January 12
Speaker: Lisa Nakamura, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 
Title: Flag as Inappropriate: Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in Online Games
Location: Taft House Lecture Room

Friday, February 3
Speaker: Taft Globalization Research Group 
Title: Globalization and Its Futures 
Location: Taft Research Center

Monday, February 13
Speaker: David Sorkin, City University of New York 
Title: The Enlightenment & Religion: Shifting Boundaries in Recent Scholarship 
Location: Taft Research Center

Monday, February 20
Speaker: Anna Therese Day 
Title: Social Media & Implications for Women: Case Study of the Arab Spring 
Location: French Hall, Room 4614-4616

Thursday, February 23
Speaker: Professor Emmanuel Trelat, Université Pierre et Marie Curie 
Title: Everything is Under Control 
Location: Campus Recreation Center, Room 3200

Thursday, February 23
Speaker: Katherine Smith, Brown University 
Title: Haiti's Urban Necropolis: History, Performance, and Spirit 
Location: Taft House Lecture Room

Friday, February 24
Speaker: Professor Thomas DeLeire, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: Expanding Coverage to Uninsured Childless Adults: Effect on the Use of Health Care 
Location: Carl H. Lindner Hall 608

Wednesday, February 29
Speaker: David Canton, Connecticut College 
Title: South of Canada is the Mason Dixon Line: Raymond Pace Alexander and the Northern Civil Rights Struggle 
Location: Taft House Lecture Room

Tuesday, March 6
Speaker: Professor Emeritus Siegfried Mews, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Title: Grimms Wörter: Günter Grass' literarisches Vermächtnis 
Location: Max Kade German Cultural Center, Old Chemistry Building

Wednesday, March 14
Speaker: Anthropology and Globalization Research Group 
Title: Respondent-Driven Sampling: An Approach to Hard-to-Reach Populations 
Location: Taft Research Center Lecture Room

Tuesday, March 27
Speaker: Lawrence Evans, University of California, Berkeley
Title: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Measure Theory 
Location: 3210 Campus Recreation Center

Thursday, April 5
Speaker: Waldo Martin, University of California, Berkeley 
Title: Be Real Black For Me: Black Power Cultural Politics, Black Love 
Location: Taft Research Center Lecture Room

Thursday, April 5
Speaker: Omar Kamil, University of Heidelberg, Germany 
Title: The Arab Spring and Israel: A New Order in the Middle East? 
Location: Taft Research Center Lecture Room

Friday, April 6
Speaker: Kosali Simon, Indiana University 
Title: The Impact of the Macroeconomy on Health Insurance Coverage: Evidence from the Great Recession 
Location: 608 Lindner Hall

Friday, April 6 
Speaker: Professor Juan Carlos Marset, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain 
Title: Spanish and Latin American Poetry: Convergences and Differences 
Location: Taft Center Lecture Hall

Wednesday, April 11
Speaker: Timothy Grance, National Institute of Standards and Technology 
Title: Cloud Computing and Security Policy 
Location: Swift Hall, Room 500

Thursday, April 12
Speaker: Professor Jonathan Alexander, University of California, Irvine
Title: Rhetoric, Literacy, and the Digital 
Location: College of Law, Room 114

Friday, April 13
Speaker: Professor Kathryn Edin, Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government 
Title: Fatherhood in the Inner City 
Location: Taft Center Lecture Hall

Thursday, April 19
Speaker: Professor Janet Halley, Harvard Law School 
Title: The Family/Market Distinction: Its Origins, Ideologies, Deconstructors, and Resilience 
Location: Main Street Cinema

Thursday, April 26
Speaker: Professor Juan Cole, University of Michigan 
Title: The Arab Spring One Year Later: What Has Really Changed?
Location: Campus Recreation Center, Room 3210

Thursday, April 26
Speaker: Professor Enrique García Santo-Tomás, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor 
Title: Wondrous Domesticity in Early Modern Spain: Quevedo, Vélez de Guevara, Juan de Espina 
Location: Taft Center Lecture Hall

Monday, April 30
Speaker: Professor John Hartigan, University of Texas at Austin 
Title: Mexican Genomes: Cultivating Indigeneity in People and Corn 
Location: Taft Center Lecture Hall

Monday, April 30
Speaker: Sara Montiel Symposium-Film Showings 
Title: Presentation, El ultimo cuple, tango 'Loca' from La Reina Del Chantecler, and Serenade, followed by discussion with Sara Montiel 
Location: MainStreet Cinema, Tangeman University Center 

Tuesday, May 1
Speaker: Sara Montiel Symposium-Panel Discussions 
Title: Sara Montiel and the Situation of the Female Actress and Singer during Franco's Dictatorial Regime," and "Sara Montiel as a Gay Icon in the Hispanic World and Its Representation in Theatre, Cinema and Literature Today
Location: Bauer Room, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music

Thursday, May 3
Speaker: Madeleine Monette, Novelist 
Title: "America is Also a Québec Novel," Keynote Lecture for day one of The 32nd Cincinnati Conference on Romance Languages and Literatures 
Location: Old Chem Room 601

Friday, May 4
Speaker: Professor Karen Strassler, Queens College 
Title: Seeing the Unseen: Photographic Appearances of an Indonesian Spirit Queen 
Location: Taft Research Center and The Department of Anthropology

Friday, May 4
Speaker: Fernando Burgos, University of Memphis 
Title: Trayectorias Posmodernas: Luisa Valenzuela y Mario Levrero 
Location: Old Chem Room 601

Thursday, May 10
Speaker: Professor Breny Mendoza, California State University, Northridge
Title: The Challenges of Transnational Feminisms in the Age of the War on Terror
Location: French Hall 4616

Thursday, May 10
Speaker: Professor Pamela Johnston Conover, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Title: Telling Stories: How Two Little Old Ladies Changed the Same-Sex Marriage Debate 
Location: Taft Lecture Hall

Friday, May 11
Speaker: Professor Dan Rickman, Oklahoma State University 
Title: Geography and High-Tech Employment Growth in U.S. Counties 
Location: 608 Lindner Hall

Friday, May 11
Speakers: Professors Jeffrey McDonough, Harvard University and Dennis Des Chene, Washington University in St. Louis
Title: 48th Annual Cincinnati Philosophy Colloquium "The Life and Mathematical Sciences in Early Modernity"
Location: 425 Tangeman University Center

Saturday, May 12
Speakers: Professors Charles Wolfe, University of Ghent and Nico Bertoloni Meli, Indiana University
Title: 48th Annual Cincinnati Philosophy Colloquium "The Life and Mathematical Sciences in Early Modernity"
Location: 417 Tangeman University Center

Friday, May 18
Speaker: Professor Thomas Robisheaux, Duke University 
Title: The Craft of Microhistory 
Location: Tangeman University Center Room 400C

Friday, May 25
Speaker: Oscar Collazos, Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar, Cartagena, Colombia
Title: Un mundo infeliz/An Unhappy World: Exodus towards Nowhere in an Endless War 
Location: Taft Center Lecture Hall

Wednesday, May 30
Speaker: Professor Rebecca Kluchin, California State University, Sacramento
Title: Fit to Be Tied: Sterilization and Reproductive Rights in Modern America 
Location: Taft Lecture Hall

Thursday, May 31
Speaker: Professor Xiaoyun Wang, Institute of Advanced Study, Tsinghua University 
Title: Modern Hash Function 
Location: McMicken 127

Thursday, August 30
Speaker: Persi Diaconis Mary V. Sunseri Professor of Statistics and Mathematics, Stanford University 
Title: On Coincidences 
Location: Recreation Center, Room 3210